Community Project Inc has always been a center for the resources of Shelby County.

Mission of Community Project Inc.

Community Project Incorporated was chartered in 1977 by Bishop Willie Lee Porter. The organization began to benefit the North Memphis community. Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Mr. Porter knew the city and its people. With his compassion and wisdom, he consistently found ways to bring resources to those who need it most.
Community Project Inc has 5 Key pillars that we have built our foundation upon.

Education - We understand it’s imperative we facilitate avenues of higher learning. We offer education regarding health, family, finance, etc. These opportunities are given through workshops, community meetings, books, brochures, webinars and media. Education empowers our community; and as we educate, we are a step closer to building better outcomes for our home and the homes of those surrounding ours.

Community Development - We commit to strengthening our communities by investing in facilities and developing properties. These endeavors offer better housing, enriching community programs, safe spaces and services for families and neighborhoods

Economic Enrichment - We enlighten residents and organizations on how to prepare,plan and execute for opportunities involving fiscal and fiduciary advancement We are also a resource for job search and employment preparedness.

Health Awareness - We continue to serve as a vital awareness center for total health. We encourage proper diet and exercise, to circumvent our vulnerability to relentless growing disease and sickness in our community. We offer advice and guidance with navigating healthcare coverage. CPI continues to offer Covid testing and will host Vaccination Rally’s to ensure the safety of our residents and communities.

Family Advocacy - We advocate for balanced family structure, by furthering familial enrichment. We host summer camps while also providing after school care for our communities especially those who have a lack of resources. We offer partnership with family counselors who encourage a healthy foundation for familial building.

Community Project Inc has always been a center for the resources of Shelby County.
Some Of Our Programs Include:

• A Food Stamp Program, aiding approximately 100 people per day to supplement and provide for low income families, welfare recipients, and our beloved senior citizens.
• A Day Care Center, caring for approximately 200 children of low-income working parents.
• A satellite station where citizens can pay light, gas, and water bills.
• A Neighborhood Youth Corps program consisting of 165 enrollees.
• A Senior Citizens Home, converting a hospital into a hospitable residence for the elderly.

Under our Executive Director, Bishop Brandon B. Porter, Community Project Inc. continues to make the good of the community Its project!